Monday, December 10, 2012

Theo Thoughts

I am sure know why the Cubs brought in Theo Epstein just a year ago. He has proven that he can make things happen by breaking the curse of the Bambino. This past season wasn't the best, but it was his first year here in Chicago. Epstein and the Cubs made some great moves right away by bringing in Hoyer and Sveum and a slew of others. Obviously this game is not something Theo is new at, so why didn't things turn out better? Consider what he started with. He came in with a team that had just finished 71-91 (not that bad) and 25 games out of first place. Obviously we did "slightly" worse this past year to be nice. You have probably heard everyone and their mother say it but the cubs ARE rebuilding. And it is not a process that is going to happen in a couple months right before the season starts. The bottom line is that it is going to take some time. Theo and crew are bringing in some new talent which will hopefully catapult the team into a good position. When you analyze the talent and potential that some of the youngsters on the team possess, the future looks pretty good. In all reality, I think sometime within the next four seasons, a championship will belong to the Northside. It has been proven that Theo can, and so Theo will- just give him a little bit of time.

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