Thursday, December 13, 2012

College Reunion for the Best

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Raley is happy the Cubs are
 bringing aboard Loux.
Loux cannot wait to meet up
with former college teammate,
Brooks Raley.
Current Cubs pitcher, Brooks Raley, was elated to know that he would once again get to share the clubhouse with former teammate Barret Loux. The duo played together down at Texas A&M for two seasons.

What I Think:
I think the addition Loux is crucial. Okay, maybe not that crucial. But still, it is a big deal. From reading about their days at A&M it looks like they were great friends, and cannot wait to share their company with one another. Being able to warm up, practice, play, and lounge around together is going to make a difference. I think that we should be able to a difference in Raley this season. He is going to be more relaxed and play the game he loves while having a lot more fun. When I am with one of my best buds things are much different. We all around just have a good time. Hopefully this feeling will spread beyond the pitching pair and spread unto the rest of the team. Last season was painful to watch, but you may have noticed that whenever the Cubs won, they were having a lot of fun. In this game I believe a good attitude is important. Scratch that. A good attitude is important for all sports. You are going to enjoy yourself and perform better. Let's hope I am right and the Cubs enjoy this upcoming season.

I would just keep an eye out this year, especially during spring training. If both make the roster, I would take a look at them then as well.

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