Monday, December 10, 2012

Fujikawa is For Real

Friday officially marked the addition of Japanese pitcher Kyuji Fukijawa to the Cubs. Fujikawa formally played for the Hanshin Tigers and put up 220 saves in just 12 seasons. It was speculated that with the addition of the Japanese star, Marmol could lose his spot.
Jed Hoyer made the comments:
"Our goal is to have the best bullpen possible. Kyuji certainly adds to that. He's had a great career. If you look at his career, he was a dominant setup guy first and a dominant closer. We know he can do both roles. We look at it as adding a great arm, and we don't worry about the role."

It is now said that he will be used as a set up man for Marmol. I really hope that it works out because I really do like Marmol. He would be a phenomenal closer if he could keep himself under control. Sometimes games get just a little bit too exciting. 

The Cubs and Fujikawa agreed to $9.5 million over two years and a signing bonus of $1 million. The pitcher also has options to receive more based on the number of his starts etc. 

Fujikawa has said that he feels at home at Wrigley, plus he even likes it here. Hopefully the ace can add a little something to our bullpen and help the Cubs take the next step.

Here is a quick video from about the addition.

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