Monday, March 11, 2013

Loyal Fans Featured

As we all know, us Cubs fans all share a passion for baseball and our Boys in Blue. If you have not already heard, the Cubs are launching a new campaign featuring those committed fans.

The "Committed" campaign began the other day and can be found through the newspaper, television, radio and more. Featured will be people who were engaged at Wrigley, people with awesome Cubby tattoos, and possibly some extremely bizarre things.

I assume that this advertisement campaign will be similar to one that the White Sox launched a couple years ago. I believe it was during the playoffs because I remember commercials with fans that grew out playoff beards.

The Cubs seem like they are doing a good job in marketing, but is this really just a lure to distract us from what we might see this season? I certainly hope not. This year I would like to see a season somewhere around .500. I know we are not going to win a championship, but maybe they can give us a reason to watch..

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