Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wrigley Renovations

As Cubs fans, we have grown up to know and love Cubs baseball at one place, Wrigley Field. We know it by the marquee, the ivy, and the scoreboard. We also know it by the neighborhood and the rest of the ballpark too. It is the best place in the world to enjoy a baseball game.

All of the ballparks in the MLB have had renovations or remodeling in some fashion done within the last 10 maybe 20 years. Even the oldest and the best, whether it meant a new Yankee Stadium, or some renovations to Fenway. Speaking of Fenway, Theo Epstein was in Boston when they underwent the colossal project of Fenway. Coincidence that the Cubs also have an aging ballpark? Probably not.

A concept of the new entrance to Wrigley. One of the renovations
will include changing the outside brick back to its 1935 look.

I am open to a little bit of change and curious to see what Ricketts has in mind. The changes do not seem to be extremely dramatic either. Some renovations could include larger concourses, party decks in the outfield, new restaurants, new and improved clubhouses, a jumbotron and more.

As I mentioned above, new clubhouses are in store. I imagine that this is probably towards the top of the list. the new clubhouse should contain batting tunnels, a workout and training room and more. This is great news for the players and the for the entire Cubs organization. The Cubs have been said to have the worst facilities in the league, so this is very good news.

The total project will take place during the off-season over the course of five years. It has an estimated cost of 300 million dollars. This is more than the renovations at Fenway, but hopefully will be worth it.

To see pictures of the plans click the link below.

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